Make Compost, Not Trash


Go Green

Start your more sustainable lifestyle with our help. Certified as Safe Compost Operators by the United States Composting Council, Let it Rot can help you build, fix, and set up an at home composting system, or collect your scraps for composting back at our worm farm. 

Compost with Us


Give us your trash

Stop throwing away your kitchen scraps and other compostable waste, feed it to the worms instead! 

Starting at $10 monthly for residents of Palm Beach County and $20 monthly for businesses, we will collect your compostable trash and provide clean containers weekly. 

You fill them up with scraps and we do all the hard work!

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Compost Tubes

Composting at home can be easy, just try our tubes! Simply "plant the tube in your garden and feed it your scraps. Water through the top and compost will drain out the bottom into your planting beds. Reaches about a 4 foot radius. 

$35 dollars for farm pick up, $10 local delivery fee. Ask us how to get one in your garden!

Working on shipping nationwide!

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Compost Your Own

Compost consulting available with the Worm Queen herself for onsite composting programs; including vermiculture, backyard composting, small and large scale, for private and public entities.  

Certified by the USCC, studied under one of the leading vermiculturist in America, Rhonda Sherman, and even featured in the book, The Worm Farming Revolution, Let it Rot has the support needed to get your project up and running.

Consulting starts at $50 for a site inspection and consultation and is followed up in 1 to 4 weeks with a compost proposal. 

Help me Compost