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Worm castings are a miraculous substance science is only beginning to understand! Our worm castings are TEAMING with life! Try using our Worm Poop instead of fertilizers or pesticides! It's like giving probiotics, vitamins, and minerals to your plants! Instead of just feeding your plants, make them stronger from the ground up!

We can ship small amounts anywhere in the continental USA!

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Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade

We also offer service packages to our local residents! 

Our Worm Poop is great, but have you heard of Worm Tea? It's like Worm Poop on steroids! It's literally the BEST SHIT you can give your plants!

Our worm tea is made to order. It is a living concentrated extraction of our Worm Poop. It's 100 TIMES more potent than our worm castings and is recommended for vegetable gardens, sick plants, dying lawns, really anything!

We have had TREMENDOUS success using Worm Tea as an all natural treatment for White Fly, Mealy Bugs, Scales, and other common garden pests!

We offer delivery and application! Just tell us what problems you are having and let us make a CUSTOM recommendation.

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We offer garden design and maintenance packages.  Using permaculture principles we can redesign your landscape, plan your vegetable garden, or start building your very own food forest! 

Tell us what the garden of your dreams looks like and let us help you start making it a reality!

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Feel better about what you "throw away" and join our trash collection service!  Residential services start at $10 a month and commercial services start at $20!  

Once a week we collect your garbage and make something useful out of it, worm food! We track your trash by weight and can update you regularly with your personalized environmental impact report! 

Join our trash collection route and start reducing your carbon footprint today!

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